At Ascending Psychology we provide a range of face-to-face and online psychology services Australia wide.

This includes individual therapy, relationship counselling, group therapy, psychological assessments and legal and forensic psychological assessments. As a team, we pride ourselves on our ability to integrate the art of therapy with the latest evidenced based scientific research. This allows our clients to have a personalised, holistic and authentic experience with their psychologist. We are also highly invested in ensuring that our clients experience positive outcomes and improvements in therapy. To achieve this, we use measures and questionnaires to track how clients are responding to their therapist and the interventions more generally. This is our commitment to the improvement of mental health in Australia.

Meet Our Psychologist’s

At Ascending Psychology, we encourage our Psychologist’s to work in areas that they are truly passionate about. Because of this, your mental health team can provide a range of services that are delivered by dedicated professionals who are invested in their work. Read More

Sarah Campbell
Director, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Sierra van Wyk
Senior Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Christopher Zurawic
Senior Clinical Psychologist

Brigid Blanckenberg
Clinical Psychology Registrar

Kate McLisky
Clinical Psychologist

Cassandra Burford
Clinical Psychologist

Susanne Lohmann
Clinical Psychologist Registrar

Angela Jones
Provisional Psychologist

Are you looking for a formal diagnosis or expert opinion?

We provide expert, fast and efficient referrals, report writing & services for your clients with a combination of clinical interviews, formal testing and observational data to draw conclusions and offer comprehensive recommendations for each unique case.

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