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Ascending Psychology has a team of passionate and experienced Psychologists to meet the needs of our clients and the community. Explore our page and find the right Psychologist for you. Otherwise our friendly reception team can make recommendations based on availability and experience.

Sarah Campbell

Director, Clinical Psychologist

Sarah is a Clinical Psychologist passionate about the treatment of complex and chronic conditions. She is a board approved supervisor. She started her career working in the forensic field, treating high risk clients who suffered from severe mental health difficulties, addiction, and who had committed serious offences. In this capacity, she served as an expert witness to the courts, preparing reports to assist in determining whether someone was fit to stand trial or a risk of re-offending.

Thereafter, she has worked in offshore processing and in remote indigenous contexts. Sarah therefore relies on various different therapy techniques and theories to meet the needs of her clients. This includes Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness, Trauma Informed Practises, Narrative Approaches, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Most importantly, she passionately supports clients to identify the underlying difficulties that are contributing to their suffering and encourages them to move through this with a balance of acceptance and the need for change.

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Jackson Hill Find the right psychologist for you

Jackson Hill

General Psychologist

Jackson is a Registered Psychologist with a special interest in helping individuals to identify the root cause of their difficulties so they can enact positive change. By doing this, he seeks to assist individuals to achieve a healthier relationship with themselves. The therapeutic environment is an authentic, non-judgemental, safe and collaborative space, where individuals can work to overcome their self-doubt, self-criticism and distress.

Jackson has extensive experience working with a broad range of clients presenting with anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, trauma, relationship difficulties and difficulties in the area of sport performance. He works closely with the Gold Coast Academy of Sport.

Using holistic evidence-based treatments including psychodynamic therapy, compassion focused therapy, cognitive and behavioural therapy and motivational interviewing, Jackson can provide the tools to bring clarity and control back to your life.

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Dr Sierra van Wyk Find the right psychologist for you

Dr. Sierra van Wyk

Clinical Psychologist

Sierra is a Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in the treatment of complex and chronic conditions in adults, children and families. This includes anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, perinatal difficulties, risk, trauma, and self-harm.

Sierra has worked extensively in both the public and private sectors, including having spent considerable time in remote Australian contexts. She relies on a variety of treatment methodologies, including attachment based therapy, play therapy, CBT and narrative approaches. She is available to provide Medico-Legal Assessments, Parental Capacity and Cognitive Assessments.

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Find the right psychologist for you

Emma McMahon


Emma is a Registered Psychologist with experience working in vocational, clinical, and forensic settings. She started her career working in a correctional centre providing clients with both individual and group interventions, as well as undertaking various assessments. Due to the complex nature of this work, Emma has developed her assessment skills to examine the individual holistically, to gain a thorough understanding of underlying mechanisms driving behaviours.

Throughout her career she has developed a person-centred approach and utilises various modalities dependent on the client’s presenting issues and needs. These modalities include, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, communication and social skills training and anger management training. She has worked with clients from diverse backgrounds, with varied presenting issues, such as. mood disorders, personality disorders, separation and adjustment issues, behaviours impacting gaining or maintain employment, long-term incarceration concerns and reintegration issues. Emma approaches all her clients without judgment or assumptions and enjoys working with them to create positive change and progression with their mental health and their lives.

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Dr. Christopher Zurawic

Provisional Psychologist

Christopher works with both individuals and couples. He helps clients struggling with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, current and past trauma, grief and loss, major life transitions, and interpersonal difficulties. He is also experienced in supporting clients identifying as LGBTQ+ and non-binary.  In therapy, clients will expand their repertoires of self-care tools, understand the stuck beliefs that keep them repeating maladaptive patterns, and develop guiding insight to carry them toward healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Christopher believes that the most important element to any experience of psychotherapy is the relationship that is established. He provides a supportive and radically non-judgemental approach where clients can work through their difficulties and challenges. As we move through issues rather than around, clients learn to live in the moment and clear the way for new relationships – with themselves, their partner/friends/family, and their world.

Christopher draws from the most relevant areas of therapeutic care including ACT, Mindfulness-based, existential and psychoanalytic therapies – amongst others.  He does not believe psychotherapy to be a one-size-fits-all experience, and works with his clients to ensure the paths we take are effecting positive change.  The foundation of his work is a commitment to supporting health and hope based on the individual’s values.

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