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Do you want to diversify your clinical work? Do you want to be part of a supportive network that allows you expand your practise?

At Ascending Psychology, we are passionate advocates for psychological thinking, research and theory. We believe that our profession can make important contributions to various industry sectors. This includes our ability to support evidenced based decision making in forensic and organisational contexts. As a result, we market our services to numerous government and non-government organisations who routinely request psychological reports.

Getting started

We are looking to support Psychologists who have at least five years post-graduate experience to expand into medico-legal report writing. In joining our team, we will create a profile on our database that includes your areas of speciality and interest. We will then notify you when we receive a request for services in your area. If you have capacity to complete the assessment and report within the expected time frame, the terms of reference will be forwarded through to you. This means you have full autonomy to work in numerous roles.

How will you be supported?

Access clinical support to plan for the assessment

Access psychometric testing and equipment as required

Access to report templates and interview schedules

Received 1 hour of supervision to discuss the case, opinions and recommendations

Proof reading and feedback of the final report

Gain access to relevant articles and literature that supports clinical decision making

Full administration support to assist with bookings

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