Our Team

Ascending Psychology has a team of specialised Clinical and General Psychologists to meet the needs of our clients and the community.

Sarah Campbell, Principal Clinical Psychologist

Sarah is a Clinical Psychologist specialising in the treatment of complex and chronic conditions. She started her career working in the forensic field, treating high risk clients who suffered from severe mental health difficulties, addiction, disability and who had committed serious offences. In this capacity, she served as an expert witness to the courts, preparing reports to assist in determining whether someone was fit to stand trial or a risk of re-offending. Thereafter, she has worked in offshore processing and in remote indigenous contexts. Sarah therefore relies on various different therapy techniques and theories to meet the needs of her clients. This includes Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness, Trauma Informed Practises, Narrative Approaches, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Most importantly, she passionately supports clients to identify the underlying difficulties that are contributing to their suffering and encourages them to move through this with a balance of acceptance and change.

Mr Jackson Hill, Registered Psychologist

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Jackson is a Registered Psychologist and a member of the Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA). He holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and has worked in a variety of settings such as government, not-for-profit organisations, criminal justice system, department of veterans’ affairs, education settings, elite athletes and private practice.

Jackson has a special interest in working with adults and adolescents to achieve greater self-understanding and relief from psychological distress. Jackson’s main areas of specialisation focuses on underlining psychological challenges such as self-criticism, perfectionism, challenges surrounding self-identity, and self-harm. Additionally, Jackson has experience with a broad range of clients with anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, trauma, drug and alcohol addiction, and interpersonal difficulties.

Jackson has extensive experience working with sub-elite and elite sporting teams by providing workshops and individual therapy covering topics such as thriving in pressure situations, overcoming self-doubt, building team culture, responding to set-backs and mental toughness.

Jackson also has widespread experience delivering workshops such as mental health, positive relationships, well-being, effects of bullying, and value and self-identity workshops to numerous secondary schools across Queensland. 

Treatment Approach: Jackson seeks to establish an authentic, non-judgemental and collaborative relationship with each client. He provides individually-tailored therapy based on evidence-based practice to suit each clients’ unique strengths and needs with an added aim at promoting self-care. Jackson’s scope of approaches includes, psychodynamic therapy, compassion-focused therapy, cognitive and behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing.

Dr. Sierra van Wyk, Clinical Psychologist

Sierra is a Clinical Psychologist specialising in the treatment of complex and chronic conditions in children and families. She also has an interest in working with adolescents and adults who are suffering with a range of different emotional and behavioural difficulties. This includes anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, perinatal difficulties, risk, trauma, and self-harm. Sierra has worked extensively in both the public and private sectors, including having spent considerable time in remote Australian contexts. She relies on a variety of treatment methodologies, including attachment based therapy, play therapy, CBT and narrative approaches.

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