Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology is an interdisciplinary science that uses psychological knowledge and insights to enhance performance and overall well being in athletes.

At Ascending Psychology, we are passionate about the health and well being of our local and national athletes. We understand the huge commitments that are often made by individuals and families, and the pressure that can create. We also appreciate that with the wins, successes and rewards come disappointments, injuries and mistakes. Without the right support and mentoring, this can create space for doubt and anxiety. These two emotions alone have the capacity to destroy confidence and shatter dreams.

Mr Jackson Hill is passionate about the field of Sport Psychology. As part of this, he has witnessed and researched unhelpful mindsets and the impacts they can have on performance and motivation. He has also studied healthy alternatives that increase resilience in both athletes and teams. This includes the practices of self-compassion and mindfulness to overcome perfectionism, doubt and performance anxiety.

Jackson has a strong relationship with the Gold Coast Academy of Sport and routinely works alongside individual athletes and teams to develop solid strategies for growth and success. He also facilitates workshops and training on various topics related to performance and motivation.


Seeing a Sports Psychologist is usually funded privately. Please contact our friendly team to discuss your needs, after which a quote will be provided. There may be circumstances where individuals may meet the criteria for Medicare Funded services if there is an existing mental health condition. Please feel free to enquire further about this.

Individual Mentoring

With the help of your own personal Psychologist, you can work on strategies to enhance your confidence and performance within your chosen discipline.

Team Strategies

Request the support of a Sport’s Psychologist to develop a positive team culture that fosters resilience and cohesiveness.


Enquire about our workshops designed for management, coaches and players that aim to address performance, resilience, and healthy rituals that improve performance and focus.

Let’s build something together.

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