Ascending Psychology is really excited to announce that we will be running various clinical trauma informed workshops and professional development seminars in 2021. After having observed an increase in the complexity of presentations and the impact this has on all aspects of functioning, it is imperative that we continue to explore the human conditions and how it is changing and developing over time. We will therefore be inviting General Practitioners, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals and Psychiatrists to attend our first series of workshops of 2021. They will be focused on understanding the impacts of developmental trauma on personality development and mental health conditions in adulthood. These insights will be used to inform practical skills and approaches that can be utilised when working with populations who present for support. Finally, there will be opportunities to reflect on our own trauma experiences and sensitivities to better understand how patient-professional dynamics can play out in either helpful or unhelpful ways. This includes concepts like burnout or resentment throughout your career.

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Series 1 – Date TBC for April 2021 Sarah Campbell, Director and Clinical Psychologist will present the first of a Series of Professional Development Workshops titled Fixing the Mental Health Patient: accepting what we can not change, changing what we can, & having the wisdom to know the difference. The focus of this 2 hour workshop will be on better understanding the impacts of developmental trauma on personality development, the nervous system and overall functioning. Thereafter, she will provide evidenced based and emerging research on strategies and practical skills that can help and support professionals to work with patients navigating the mental health system. Thereafter, she will encourage self-reflection to better understand our own sensitivities, biases and behaviours that often contribute to the dynamics that play out in therapeutic settings. This includes better identifying burnout and other common roles that we can fall into as we attempt to correct and support patients who present for support. A certificate of attendance will be provided to all those who attend.

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