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Process Group Therapy: Interpersonal, existential, and dynamic elements.

Date: 25th March 2023 from 9am – 5pm.

Location: Ascending Psychology, Top Floor, 41-43 Commercial Road, Murwillumbah, NSW 2484

Use the ‘earlybird’ code before 28/02/2023 and save $100.
Facilitated by Dr. Christopher Zurawic & Dr. Sierra van Wyk.

Do you want to enhance your understanding of group processes? Are you seeking professional development opportunities that are experiential and theoretical? Are you wondering about adding group therapy to your clinical repertoire?

This workshop aims to provide an introduction to Process group therapy, the theories that underlie these groups, methods of intervention, and the practical issues associated with setting up groups. To assist workshop participants to develop a full understanding of the experience of being in group, the workshop will also include two experiential process group sessions.

The benefits of process work and therapist awareness of the here-and-now experience of being in the therapeutic space is not limited to process group therapy. Regardless of the purpose of the therapeutic group, clinicians who have an awareness of group process and the nuances of relationships between group members are able to provide participants with a richer experience of being in therapeutic groups. As such, it is anticipated that this seminar will additionally benefit therapists who facilitate diverse therapy groups.

Designed for clinicians who have an interest in group therapy, interpersonal, existential, relational and group analytic concepts, and working in the here-and-now of therapeutic relationships.

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